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We are organizing Surya International Award with the aim of respecting and inspiring all and filmmakers with the respect of film and music mainly based on the film sector. It is all known that more than dozen film awards have been organizing in Nepal every year. The importance of award is decreasing due to dispute and coment. Considering this situation, we are planing to organize Surya International Award in the International Sector. Surya International Award is the first award of Japan which is going to be held with the participant of all film, song, music and singer of Nepal.

Surya International Award will not be distributed by any judge but it will be distrubuted on the ground of the online voting of Nepalese. So we are trying our best to make this award most popular. We belive that this award which will be distributed by the national personalities will be the first and big undisputed popular award to address the Nepali film, the history of music and present. We are continuously
working to make the award program beautiful, auspicious and common.

Specifically, the award program, award and presentation will be different than the other awards.

The art is the mirror of the society. The men of all sector are fond of this sector. Due to the sector of entertaiment, it is popular and commom to all. So it will be a sample award as the common award and as the award of all musician and film makers.
Thank You.